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Innovation Hub of Muktangan Exploratory

Established on 28thFeb 2018, Innovation Hub, with kind support from National Council Of Science Museums and DassaultSystemes La Foundation is successfully running various activities. The primary objective of the Innovation Hub is to promote creativity, problem skills, project based learning and inspire innovation, to encourage and facilitate students to solve real life problems using scientific principles and technologies,. In addition to problem solving skills, the students are also guided in designing and fabrication of the final solutions. While doing so, the Innovation Hub aims to develop the basic skills that are essential for the day-to-day life among young children eg. Wood-work, metal fabrication, electrical wiring, plumbing.. Besides developing basic skills, the children are exposed to two important elements viz Insight into “How things work” as well as the promotion of a “quality culture” through emphasis on aesthetics and “fit for use” concepts.

This Innovation Hub inculcates culture of innovation in the early developmental ages of students, provide them a platform to keep alive their curiosity about the things they see around them and through it learn scientific principles and its applications.

Innovation Hub includes

  1. Fabrication lab – Comprising of highly sophisticated CNC machines such as Laser cutter, 3D printer, engraver and wood carver.

  2. Mechanical workshop – Comprising of sophisticated drilling , milling machine, tools etc.



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