Other Programs

Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre (MESC) offers wide range of programs. On an average 4000 students, teachers and parents, participate in MESC program every year.
Interesting & Stimulating programs are planned for students enrolling for our courses this year. Some of these are:


In ancient Greece, the word for art was techno, from which technique and technology are derived. Science & art often overlap. We will take this fascinating theme forward.

Creativity is a state of mind & not a privilege for chosen few. Creativity workshops will be designed to nurture & foster creativity among the children.

Every month, lecture will be delivered by eminent science personalities who will expose the young children, in the latest advances in different sciences/ cutting edge technologies, in a simple, lucid and interactive manner, through audio-visual aids. 

Creativity is a state of mind & not a privilege for chosen few. Creativity workshops will be designed to nurture & foster creativity among the children. Fabricating telescopes, solar cookers, aero modelling, origami etc require skill sets which children will love to acquire.

The students will be taken through the various theoretical concepts in very simple language, in respect of science of air flight, in sessions of this aero modelling workshop.

The theme of the workshops will be “learning science can be entertaining & exciting”. Students will be introduced to making science toys; they will see exciting demos in physics, chemistry, life sciences & Mathematics. Planetarium shows will also be organized in this program.

ThinkExploratory has launched a new initiative "ThlnK Project".

Young Explorer Project Competition cum Exhibition at Kothrud, Nigdi, S.B.Rd Center

*********13th September 2017 - Nigdi Center organized Inter-school science-maths quiz competition on Around 10 to 12 schools and the total of 105 students from PCMC area participated in the competition.  The participants were from age group 10 to 13 years and they enjoyed the com

Science workshops: 

Inter-school Quiz Competition

‘A Day with Exploratory’

‘A Day with Exploratory’ is our unique program which is aimed at exciting students about science, to develop scientific abilities and also to nurture their creative abilities.

Planetarium shows: -

Core Program:- Science through Experiments 

Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam. – Practical Training

Theory & Practical Guidance (Std. 6, 9 students)


******Inter-school Quiz Competition: -




23rd, 24th, December - Workathon workshop for ten students was organized at S.B. Rd. Center. Tinkrz specializes in manufacture of software, hardware to enable school students to undertake projects & presentation related to their curriculum.

On 18th January – Essay Competition interview round & prize distribution function was conducted. Students, teachers who wrote essays were short-listed (from 384 essays) for the interview round. 43 students + 6 teachers were called for interview round.

                                         Science Talent Search Exam (STS) - 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Speaker: Dr. Varsha Joshi

Schools Participated: CMS School, VidyaNandBhavan School, and JPNV School etc.

Topic: Science in Musical Instruments