Exploratory Programs SB road centre

                                        Core Program of MESC “Science through Experiments”

In this core program students of 5th – 10 std from different schools come and perform exciting science experiments in our labs of 7 different subjects and learn basic concepts of the subject. By rotation they work in these labs through out the year. This learning by doing method develops their scientific abilities and hand skills.

  • Admission -            Starts in January        
  • Eligibility -               Open to all students (from 5th – 10th std)
  • Duration –              One Year (15th  June – 15th March )
  • Batches  -               Once  a week (Mon – Sat) , 1/12 Hrs
  • Course –                Foundation course graded at 5 levels (Pre F1, PreF2, F1, F2, F3 )  
  • Contents -              Experiments based on concepts in  subjects - Physics Chemistry, Life                                           sciences, Mathematics, Electronics Computer science, Earth Science