Mr. Anant BhideMan has always stood out from rest of the animal kingdom. What sets him apart is his unending quest for improvement of life around him – be it related to basic needs, ease of use, improvement of efficiency or productivity - the drive continues.

Curiosity, observation, analysis and experimentation are indeed the hallmarks of the human quest. It is hard to say what came first – the desire for improvement or the innate attitude of curiosity and experimentation. But its clear that they are two sides of the same coin.

We have taken this as our core mission to inculcate scientific temperament in the minds of the young children.

It is our conviction that learning gets crystallized in the mind of young students through practical observation and experimentation rather than merely learning from text books. It is further internalized when these principles are applied in practice to solve problems that we encounter in our daily lives.

Once a child smells success of learning though practical experimentation, we are convinced he is set on a life long journey of quest for knowledge and innovation.

It’s a long and an unending journey, in which being a part of the Exploratory is but just the first but a crucial step.