“Launch Carnival” for “Inaugural Innovation Foundation Course” - Report

“Launch Carnival” for “Inaugural Innovation Foundation Course” - Report

“Launch Carnival” curtain-raiser for the “Inaugural Innovation Foundation Course” was organized on 16th December. There was an overwhelming response; there were nearly four hundred participants (students, parents, teachers, general public etc.)

The Carnival featured fun-filled activities both for students and their parents like – build a robo car, fun with sensors, 2D/3D designing, Kabad se jugaad (innovation from scrap activities), origami, Tod Fod Jod (break & remake), electrical challenge, robo track challenge, pick and place robot challenge, mechanical robot car making – do it yourself, carpentry work – do it yourself, drone flying demo, football with robot –challenge. The participants were thoroughly absorbed in these entertaining, educative activities. The atmosphere seemed to be energetic, lively, joyous, with participants enjoying every moment of the carnival. The event certainly turned out to be a science extravaganza!


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