Electronics and Robotics workshop - Report

Electronics and Robotics workshop

28th April to 8th June 2018. - Electronics and Robotics workshop. This workshop was conducted between Monday and Friday from 2 PM to 5 PM at our center and was attended by 25 enthusiastic children from various schools in and around Pune. Children were taught the fundamentals of electronics and robotics using the kits such as TINKRZ (Manufactured by: Learn Leap Technologies), Plezmo (Manufactured by: Gunakar India Pvt. Ltd) and RoboChamp (Manufactured by: India First Robotics Pvt. Ltd). Working with electronics sensors, components such as servo motors, LEDs, mechanical assembly of robots and basics of programming using Scratch were some of the skills children picked-up during this workshop. The participants were given Participation Certificates at the end of the workshop.

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