Science Lecture Series 22nd April to 25th April at Kothrud Center- Report

Science Lecture Series - Report & Photographs

(22 April) Dr. Narendra Barhate spoke on “Know your brain”. He revealed in simple, interesting language the intricacies, complexities of the human brain, its functioning, abilities, powers, uses etc..

(23 April) Dr Ajit Gokhale delivered his lecture on “Water- Scientific and harmonious approach”- He brought forth the essentials of water as life giving element of nature, how to conserve, keep it pure, the historical review etc. He talked about rain harvesting. He gave very interesting historical account of water usage, he demonstrated through PPT the dangerous levels of water pollution that we humans are doing and warned about the bleak future for fresh water levels etc…

(24 April) Dr. Jaya Panwalkar gave her talk on “Super computers” – She gave a historical review of development of computers/computing, mathematical modeling. She spoke on how super computers are very useful and help in improving quality of human life. She demonstrated the indispensible applications of super computer in areas like – artificial intelligence, augmented reality, surgery, agriculture, medicine, weather, communication, transport, education (college, schools, other institutes etc..). She explained in simple language the technical terms used in computing. She vividly talked on the future applications of super computers/computing.

(25 April) Mrs. Jyoti Mhapsekar spoke on “Waste Management” – Through PPT she demonstratedthe following important aspects – ignorance & indifference of people, municipal bodies in respect of waste handling: volume of waste generation in India and foreign countries: reduce-recycle-reuse-responsibility in waste handling: categories of waste viz. wet, dry, hazardous waste, industrial waste, plastic waste etc.. : dumping grounds of waste: waste collecting staff problems: corruption in handling waste : waste treatment techniques : types of waste pollution : zero waste management : how waste can be valuable in generating electricity, organic fertilizers etc..etc..

(26 April) Mrs. Sangita Banginwar & Shri Atul Phadke gave their lecture on “Science in musical instruments” – The audience were explained the various concepts of sound: - What is sound, types of sound, how sound gets produced, methods of sound creation (plucking, blowing, hammering, air column, human sounds- air column, mediums of sound travel, effects of change of medium where sound traverses, different scales, western, Indian scales, harmonics, etc. etc.. Mrs Banginwar, Mr. Phadke explained the qualitative changes in sound in different musical instruments like table, flute, sitar, xylophone, jal tarang etc. There was also performance rendered on flute by Mr. Azahruddin wherein he explained the details of note, pitch, beat, shrutis, naad, etc… He rendered the ragas – Marwa, Puriya, Hansdhwani, in his immaculate style. It was indeed out of world experience for the audience.

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