Computer Science Laboratory

Computer Laboratory at BVB Exploratory

 21st century is the age of computers.

Topics we cover :-

Students from 5th std to 9th std learn MSPaint, MSOffice, programming in QBASIC, HTML, C++,  they get introduced to many software like COREL DRAW, PHOTOSHOP, Pro-Engineering(3D modeling and Designing) software, Geogebra, Animation software like Scratch, Flash etc..

Equipment/ experimental setups - MESC has a well-equipped computer lab with 21 computer connected in LAN, a scanner and a printer. It has a projection facility which makes it easier to teach a batch of 15 students at the same time.

Uniqueness/ speciality - In addition to normal computer learning, students learn to make use of computers in practical day to day applications, e.g. How to keep monthly income – expense  EXCEL worksheets , how to make your own report card, making our own power point presentation to demonstrate the particular topic using photos, videos. They too get internet facility to collect some information.

Programming helps logical thinking. Animation increases their creative ability. Children love to attend computer lab.