Electronics Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory at BVB Exploratory

Concerned about preparing today's children for tomorrow's world, and in the era of 21st  century, the Exploratory  introduces students  to Electronics as one of the key subjects to be learnt by doing in its state of art well equipped Electronics lab

Students from 5th to 10th standard of English ,semi-English and Marathi medium perform various experiments in Basic Electronics such as:

Conductors and Insulators,making circuit on breadboard, Ohms law, Series /parallel Connection, Logic Gates, Application based circuits using various electronic components.

Variable / fixed power supply, breadboard, multi meters, LCR'S meter, ammeters,voltmeters etc. are used by students to build and test various circuits in digital and analog electronics as well as to measure the different quantities, parameters.

Demonstration to explain all the concepts and applications of Electromagnets. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) and signal generator are used by students to measure the frequency and voltage of the signal thus, get introduced to the world of Electronic Design Experiment for performing various hands on experiments in Basic electronics.

A unique feature of the Electronics lab is the Workshops for 10th and 12th standard from SSC and CBSE boards and Lego Mindstorm NXT kits, for the students programmable robots and get initiated to the world of robotics.

Electronics has permeated every walk of human being. Early grasp of this vastly expanding aspect of this branch of technology will give children a cutting edge in their pursuit of science and technology.