Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory BVB Exploratory

Teaching mathematics to school students is very challenging. Most of the mathematical concepts are very abstract which students cannot visualize. To overcome this difficulty of understanding  mathematical concepts, maths is taught in Exploratory by innovative method rather than conventional chalk and talk method.

In the exploratory all students from  5 to 10 Std.  learn maths through hands on experience. Various maths topics such as , fractions, types of numbers their properties, Triangles ,quadrilaterals, circles, Algebraic expressions equations,  sequences , probability, trigonometry, Area, volume  etc are covered.

A maths concept is first presented to the students through some concrete models  or by discussing some real life examples. Subsequently, each student learns concepts in maths and its application by performing activities individually or in a group. In this way student understand the importance of learning  math’s in their day to day life.

The concept of Pythagoras theorem can be well understood by using the wooden model of right angle triangle with squares on all the three sides  as shown in the diagram .Using the small squares of one square unit are by counting the number of squares student can actually calculate the areas of all three squares . And verify the Pythagoras theorem.

By observation student learn many things in maths .They compare the volume of cylinder and cone of same height and same base diameter through model shown. And explore the formula for volume of a cone knowing the volume of cylinder.Then they could compare the volume of ice-cream filled in the cone and cylinder of same height and base diameter. So normally ice-cream vendor uses cones to sell ice cream.

In the exploratory children learn maths by making models, solving puzzles, playing games also. It improves their thinking and logical understanding. In this way through observation, experience, and application they learn concept thoroughly. Then they derive the formula by observing the model and perform activities for application of the formulae such as: finding the length of ladder to reach to known height, or to find the shortest route to reach to the garden’s corner from vertically opposite corner etc.

Special programs conducted in the lab are: Teacher’s training program, Fun with maths workshop, Puzzle competition, Summer,winter workshops, etc.

The innovative method of teaching maths help to get rid of mathematics phobia.