Life Science Laboratory

Life Science Lab at BVB Exploratory

MESC has a beautiful Life Science lab with state of the art equipment’s. It has a large collection of plant, animal, insect’s specimens and unique models based on human body organs, cell & cell division, DNA, Laws of Genetics, Aquarium and Terrarium.

Topics we cover - In the Life science lab exciting experiments and activities are designed from 5th to 10th std of students. Some of these are as under- Experiments and activities based on Botany, Zoology, Human Biology Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell biology, Genetics and Tissue culture are conducted for students which they thoroughly enjoy and get a deeper understanding in this dynamic subject of Life science.

Equipment/ experimental setups - Besides microscope the lab has equipments like incubator, hot air oven, digital hot water bath, autoclave, laminar flow etc. with these facilities students perform experiments in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Tissue culture.

Uniqueness/ speciality - In the Life sciences Lab students get the chance to  handle the microscopes and make their own slides. They learn to make many innovative models like Terrarium, lungs model, stethoscope, skeleton. Students take home all such things which they make in the lab.

There are innovative demo kits for better understanding of topics like Respiration, food nutrition, photosynthesis in plants, sensory organs in animals etc.