Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Lab at BVB ExploratoryChemistry is the basic foundation of learning and innovation with no boundaries. It is the only subject having deep connections with others including Physics, Biology, Nanotechnology, Pharmacy and many more. 

Topics we cover - The courses here include the cumulative syllabus from different boards (CBSC, SSC, ICSE etc) but are not limited to them. All the activities conducted at MESC are hands-on training and individually participated by the students ranging for 5th grade to 10th grade.

To list a few activities: - • What is matter and its types? • Types of Changes • Types of solutions • Electronic configuration and valency • Types of Chemical reactions • Acid Base and Salt and their applications • Electrochemistry and their applications • Detection of groups in organic chemistry.

Equipment/ experimental setups - The Chemistry lab focuses on exploration and innovation. The department of Chemistry is one of the most advanced including an ample amount of resources for the students to work individually. The lab is well-equipped with various chemicals, samples of salts, burners, beakers, thermometers etc.

Uniqueness/ speciality – The lab a humungous periodic table which makes it easy for the students to study the name and various properties of all the elements. The lab also has ball and stick models, with the help of which students can make and understand 3D structures of molecules.

Chemistry is present everywhere including our DNA and proteins, the cloths we wear, the artificial tablets we ingest to natural acids in our stomach and many more. Learning chemistry will help the student understand the basics of nature.