Inovation Hub


Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre is proud to announce the launch of an Innovation Centre in collaboration with the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) under the Union Ministry of Culture.

The goal of this Innovation Hub is to foster creativity and innovation amongst children and promote creative talent to innovate for the society and the nation. The days of learning through Information (books) are now replaced by learning through Innovation and creativity. As such, the process of learning should now be channeled through making children imagine and work with their hands rather than bookish learning.

The facilities of the Innovation Centre would be: -

  1. Mechanical Innovation Centre (MIC): Comprising of all types of tools, equipments, machinery and material used in a typical conventional mechanical workshop. Young innovators can access the Mechanical Innovation Centre to implement their innovative ideas under professional supervision.
  2. Advanced Fabrication & Prototyping Centre (AFPC): This facility will be equipped with the latest state of the art machinery such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, engraving machines and fabrication equipment to fabricate prototypes and prototype designs.
  3. Computer and Electronics Centre (CEC): This facility will be equipped with the latest computer systems loaded with the state-of-the-art design software for cutting edge-designs. This facility will also be equipped for executing advanced electronics projects and robotics workshops conducted under guidance from leading robotics experts.



In order to nurture the innovative spirit and motivate young innovators to create, co-operate and construct, the following activities are planned once the Innovation Hub becomes operational: -

  1. Basic Mechanical Workshop course
  2. Basic Electronics course
  3. Robotics Workshop
  4. Prototyping & Fabrication Techniques courses