Emerging technologies talk - "Synthetic Biology: Re-Imagining Living Organisms" by Dr.Chaitanya Athale, Prof. IISER- Report

On 28th October 2017- Talk on emerging technologies – was jointly organized by MESC, MKCL and Marathi Vidnyan Parishad. Dr. Chaitanya Athale, Professor, IISER delivered his lecture on the topic Synthetic Biology : Re-Imagining Living Organisms.

He described very lucidly the vital aspects of synthetic biology: wherein biology uses technology to unravel the mysteries of complex aspects of molecular biology: DNA standardization & synthesis, genome sequencing etc. He spoke on the utility of synthetic biology – in controlling harmful virus growth – giving example of control over mosquito growth through technique of Release of Insects with Dominant Lethality (RIDL), how cellular changes can be introduced in the organisms. He discussed the classification, training, security issues in synthetic biology.

He spoke about the bright future of this emerging field in biology, the promise it holds out. There was Q & A round at end of the lecture. There was good response to the lecture. There were nearly hundred participants who listened very patiently and attentively to this educative, informative absorbing lecture.