Creativity workshop for staff members of three Centers at S.B Rd. Center


On 6th October 2017 – Creativity workshop for staff members (3 centers) was conducted by Shri Ashok Panwalkar, well - known commercial product designer with years of experience in the field. Shri Panwalkar gave presentation on Philips design and activities with some Philips project, taking through product creation process. He talked about the fun design process, the aesthetics, utility, ease, pleasure, graphics, fashion aspect in product designing. He citied very interesting examples abroad and in India in relation to these aspects. He emphasized on the conduciveness of an informal, aesthetic work environment giving examples of companies like Facebook etc. Fun aspect in work areas keeps a fresh mind, connects instantly the employees and the superiors, eliminates work stress and tensions in the workplace. He advised on being open to learn from any one and to adopt a Childs attitude towards worldly things, change of mind set up. He cited illustrations of how great people like A. R. Rehman, Bill Gates, Ambanis have always thought differently, out of the box, implemented entirely new set of ideas, broken the conventional rules, regulations and become highly successful in their respective fields. Funny videos were also shown depicting very different advertisement modes using cartoon faces etc..

Assignments were given to the staff members. Some very creative questions were posed (question sheet) before the participants to check whether these participants were really applying out of box thinking. Further, a small exercise using U clips was also given to the staff members. They were asked to draw sketches using their wildest imagination. Lastly, using foam balls the staff members were asked to prepare toys of their choice. Thus the workshop turned out to be fun, staff members got acquainted with different approaches of imparting science education to the students in an informal, fun loving way, making the student think out of the box, to look at things in a different perspective.