Teachers Workshop in Outreach at IUCAA - MVS.

Teachers Workshop in Outreach at IUCAA - MVS.

The teachers of the three centers (S.B. Rd., Kothrud, Nigdi) participated in the “Inter-active science demonstrations workshop” in Outreach at IUCAA – MVS on 7th September from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The workshop features were: interactive discussion and methods approachable, as well as demonstrate miscellaneous science activities.

There were demos on variety of topics: in physics – uniform linear motion, surface tension, siphoning action, optical illusion, eddy current, experiments in plasma bell, Faraday’s cage were also demonstrated. In maths – indices through paper folding, 3-D shapes (Polyhedrons), application of Pythagoras principle to find the diagonal length of the playground etc..

The workshop brought forth the misconceptions in demos and the important aspects of performing demos correctly; examples were cited of how errors arise in doing demos in sound waves, Bernoulli’s experiment. Further, it stressed that demos should evoke thought-provoking questions, to make the demo more fascinating and appealing.

The participants of the workshop also viewed sunspots through telescope and exciting outdoor demos during the workshop.