Talk on emerging technologies - “Will computers cure diabetes?” by Dr.Milind Watve, Professor, IISER- Report


Series of Talks on emerging technologies

“Will computers cure diabetes?” – by Dr. Milind Watve, Professor, IISER

Series of Talks on emerging technologies – was jointly organized by MESC, MKCL and Marathi Vidnyan Parishad on 23rd September 2017, between 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. in Center auditorium.

The second lecture in this series was delivered by Dr. Milind Watve, Professor, IISER on the topic “Will computers cure diabetes?”

Through PPT, Dr Watve brought forth the important aspects of insulin and type 1, 2 diabetes. He narrated very lucidly, in his presentation the five paradigms of diabetes He gave a historical account of development of understanding of diabetes. He referred to the different hypothesis of Karl Popper, Geoffrey Gill etc. on diabetes. He demonstrated how computer models are useful in the analysis of various complex molecular factors causing diabetes. These models can be generated to resolve diabetic states. He in simple language explained various complex factors related to diabetes; like – glucose budget, behavioral deficiency disorders, angiogenesis, capillary density, brain control etc. He described the various laws stated by Sushruta on how to control diabetes. He talked about new and fresh approach toward diabetes control describing the BILD (Behavioral Intervention for Lifestyle disorders) clinic evolved of late by Mangeshkar Hospital, wherein stress in more on physical, mental and spiritual activities instead of mere physical exercises, towards diabetes control. BILD clinic is slowly yielding some results.

There was interesting Q & A round at the conclusion of the lecture. There was good response to the lecture. There were over hundred participants who listened very patiently and attentively to this educative, informative absorbing lecture.