Inaugural Function of Freeship Regular Course

Inaugural function of Freeship Regular course- science through experimentation

Sponsored by Weikfield foundation

18th August 2017, 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. in MESC Auditorium.

Inaugural function of Freeship Regular Course – science through experimentation, of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s -Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre (MESC), sponsored by Weikfield foundation, was conducted at Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre, Auditorium on 18th August 2017, between 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Dignitaries present at the Inaugural Function:-

Shri Bahri Malhotra - Chairman, Malhotra Weikfield Foundation

Shri Ashwini Malhotra – Malhotra Weikfield Foundation

Dr Jaysinh Patil – President, Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise

Shri Bharat Patil – Rtn. Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise

Shri Nandkumar Kakirde- Director & Hon. Secretary BVB, Pune Kendra

Shri Anant Bhide- Hon. Director, MESC

Rotarians of Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise


In all fifty school students attending Exploratory- Freeship Regular Course – Science through experiments, from four different schools viz. Vasantdada Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Kilbil High School, Pune Police Public School, Vidyanand Bhavan School (Nigdi Centre) were present, along with their school teachers, some parents of the children were also present.

Mrs. Bharati Baxi, welcomed all the dignitaries, Rotarians on and off the dais, the participants: the school teachers, students, their parents, staff of MESC at the occasion. She touched upon the philosophy, objectives, science activities, students’ strength, achievements of the Centre. She expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Centre, to Malhotra Weikfield Foundation for having supported the Centre’s Freeship Regular Course – science through experiment in the past. Due to this support the Centre could extend the benefits of this regular course to the needy, deserving, under-privileged student of different schools. She added further that this year on advice from the Malhotra Weikfield in association with Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise, the Centre has inducted students from the police constable category for this freeship regular course.

Shri Anant Bhide, welcomed the dignitaries, Rotarians on and off the dais. He thanked Shri Bahri Malhotra - Chairman, Malhotra Weikfield Foundation, for his whole hearted support to the Centre’s Freeship Regular course in the past. He explained briefly how Exploratory was conceptualized twenty-five years back by Late Dr. V.G. Bhide. He appealed to the students to make best possible us of the facilities in science education, which the Centre is providing them, with the generous support of Malhotra Weikfield Foundation. Further, he explained to the students the importance of developing science temperament, how to question everything, application of science in problem solving in every day life. He stressed that science in not limited to labs, but encompasses the world as a whole.

Dr Jaysinh Patil – President, Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise, conveyed his greeting to the dignitaries on the dais and other Rotarians, students, parents, teachers, staff members of exploratory. He briefly explained the formation of Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise, which he said aims to promote science education. He expressed the firm support of Rotary Club of Pune Sunrise, to the science activities of Exploratory. He referred to the days when his grandson had enrolled for science activities of Exploratory, subsequently, how he got associated with supporting Exploratory activities.

Shri Ashwini Malhotra, in his speech praised the activities Exploratory been carrying out for the under-privileged students in science education. He referred to the Dr Mashelkar- committee member of Malhotra Weikfield Foundation, who has always stressed the importance of science and science education. Giving example of cell phone, Mr. Ashwini Malhotra, appealed to the students to understand the importance of science behind it, while technology follows science. He highly appreciated the students of this freeship regular course taking active part in other science activities of Exploratory, like project competitions. He hoped that these students turn to pure sciences, do research and excel in the different science disciplines; hoping one of them eventually earns Nobel Prize for India in future.

Mrs. Bharati Baxi, invited two students to express how the Freeship Regular course has been beneficial to them.  Vishwanath Ahankari of Vasantdada Vidyaniketan School, Shukrawar Peth, Pune said that he was fortunate to been given opportunity to join this course. He talked on various topics he had understood well, through hands on experiments in different labs, giving example of earth science labs - phases of moon etc. He was very keen, excited to attend and learn new science precepts in each lab, every week. He enjoyed performing novel experiments, participating in project competition of the Centre, his understanding of science has greatly improved in the process. Gayatri Jadhav another student also expressed the benefits she derived from this freeship regular course. She said she learnt many science concepts here, which were not taught in school. She got lot of clarity and her scientific ability has considerably developed after undergoing this course. She praised the teaching faculties here who guided her in understanding difficult, varied scientific precepts.

Hon. Director, MESC welcomed dignitaries on dais with a sapling.

Shri Bahri Malhotra, gave his inspiring speech. He gave a brief historical description how Malhotra Weikfield Foundation was established eleven years ago. Dr Mashelkar had suggested that scholarships be introduced for students pursuing career in pure sciences and research. Dr. Mashelkar described to Shri Malhotra, the difficult circumstances in which he had studied and how with the support from Tata scholarship he could pursue and become successful in science career. Thus Malhotra Weikfield Foundation is now since then working to give financial support largely to girl students as well as other needy, deserving students, encouraging them to pursue their science career.

Shri Bahri Malhotra described a touching example of how their Foundation had financially supported a daughter of a truck driver, to take up science as her career. The girl initially had approached local tradesman for financial help of Rs. 42,000/-. On learning about this Shri Bahri ji immediately sanctioned financially assistance to this girl, which saved the girl from the financial hardship which she would have faced, had she taken loan from this local tradesman. Thus the truck driver’s dream was fulfilled to see his daughter study and achieve success in her science career.

Shri Bahri Malhotra further spoke about the wonderful past association he had with Late Prof. V.G.Bhide.  He described the visit of late Prof. Bhide to his factory. After visiting his factory, late Prof Bhide suggested developing solar energy drawings for his factory and said that this can be developed in Pune University and requested that Weikfield support this idea by donating Rs. 1 lac for this cause, which Shri Malhotra said he immediately agreed to. The product of these solar energy drawings is still being used in his factory till date. 

Citing other examples - Shri Bahri Malhotra talked about his close relation with Dr Vijay Bhatkar. On new ideas, Shri Malhotra talked about drawings he has of generating electricity, by use of magnets, at  a cost  as low as Rs. 1,000/-. He wished that Exploratory take up these drawings and work on them.

Closing his speech, he gave his best wishes to the students and advised the students to tirelessly pursue any idea the student takes up in any science discipline. He hoped that Exploratory achieve even greater heights under the leadership of Shri Anant Bhide Hon. Director, MESC. He expressed the whole-hearted support of Weikfield Foundation to the future science activities and programs of Exploratory.

The Inaugural Function concluded with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Mrs. Neha Nirgudkar.

The function turned out to be a grand success…