19TH AUGUST 2017 (SATURDAY), between 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s - Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre (MESC) jointly with Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Pune Vibhag & MKCL, organized talk on Robotics – the past, present, future- by  Shri Asim Bhalerao, Founder Intuitive Surgical, Robotics (USA),MS (USA) Mechanical Design, MS (USA) Intelligent Robotics in Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre (MESC),  Auditorium.

Shri Y.H. Gharpure, President of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Pune Vibhag, Shri Uday Panchpor, other dignitaries of Marathi Vidynan Parishad, Anant Bhide (MESC) were present at the lecture. Shri Gharpure felicitated the dignitaries at this event.

There was an overwhelming response to the lecture. The Auditorium was packed to full capacity. Over two hundred fifty participants (students, parents, teachers, general public) listened very attentively to this absorbing lecture. The audience were held spell bound by the immaculate lecture of Shri Asim Bhalerao.

Shri Y.H. Gharpure, commenced the program. He introduced the speaker Shri Asim Bhalerao and welcomed other members of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Pune Vibhag, members of Exploratory, the students, teachers, people at large for this wonderful evening lecture. He gave brief introduction about the topic of the lecture.

Shri Asim Bhalerao through PPT unfolded the magnificent aspects of Robotics. He explained how Robotics has revolutionized the present technological world from manufacturing activités to space technology.  Robotics has made our living efficient, comfortable, it has taken up hazardous tasks which humans have been performing so far.

He described the various Robots so far used like Dextre which undertakes complex tasks, Drones used in military operatoins, Paragon – used in ocean explorations, robots performing surgery.

Shri Bhalerao explained the broad aspects of Robotics – comprising of hardware and software, mechanics, electronics, software etc.. how these go hand in hand in ultimately developing complex Robots. With rapid growth in hardware capabilities, it triggered the growth of robots. The data storage, processing power has grown manifold times. He explained the crux of Robotics- Algorithms which functions the Robots. Through this Robots are programed to travel, identify, position and effectively function in the  environment in which they operate (be it industry, medicine, space etc..) 

Shri Bhalerao cited various examples where Robots are indispensable. The Robots peform functions hazardous for humans to perform. Urban mapping by drones, mapping of closed sewage lines, locating clogs in these lines, etc.. near river at Powai.

He described how robots perform milking process of cows in agriculture with great precision in US,Europe, India. Robots are extremely useful in defence areas, intuitive surgery, self-driven cars.

Describing the impact of use of robots on the job industry, Shri Bhalerao said that in the long run more jobs will be created in Robotics. There will be evolving of new skill sets. People will adapt to a more efficient technology future world.

Talking about the future in robotics field, he said that it is good time to start building ones career in this area. He described the components which will help in making a successful career in Robotics. The start can be made from school levels- understanding thoroughly the maths, science concepts, algorithmes, taking up interships- these may be unpaid jobs, but will give lot of experience in Robotics, useful in the long run, build robot kits at home. He finally concluded his speech by mentioning that Robots are here to stay.

The lecture  was followed by Q & A round. Students, teachers, parents, general publics, asked very interesting questions on Artificial Intelligence, applications of robots, etc..

Shri Y.H. Gharpure proposed the Vote of Thanks. Mrs. Neha Nirgudkar of MESC also gave Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Centre.

Robotic kits were put up for display outside the Auditorium.

Thus the event was a grand success and very memorable for every one…