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16th April, 2017

Panel Discussion


On the occasion of silver jubilee celebrations Panel discussion was organized by our MESC Centre on the topic “Role of Science & Technology in Achieving India's Vision 2022” at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan school auditorium on 16th April at 10.00 a.m. Panel members present were Dr. Madhav Gadgil, Eminent Environmentalist, Mr. Ravi Pandit, President KPIT, Dr. Satish Ogale, Prof of Physics, IISER Pune, Dr. Shekhar Mande, Director NCCS. The panel discussions were anchored by Dr. Uday Nirgudkar – noted media personality.


The Panelist discussed important Role of Science & Technology in different scientific disciplines.

Dr. Madhav Gadgil spoke on crucial environmental issues. He talked about developing and managing proper data base on various environment aspects. He emphasized the need and importance of generating public awareness / movement about environment issues impacting our lives. He felt a great need for the people influencing the government policies on critical environmental factors.  He was critical on career opportunities in the environment science sphere and said that science and technology have a responsible role to play in this domain.

Dr Shekhar Mande, described Biology as the youngest of all sciences. He spoke on importance of biology in day to day life. He talked about the trends in generics and how innovations, technology has positively shaped the growth of the pharma sector. The new drug developments have increased the life expectancy as well as the quality of life of the common man.  

Dr. Satish Ogale, spoke on non-conventional- clean, renewable energy resources (solar, wind, fuel cells). He talked about the harvesting/storing/conservation of these non-conventional resources in urban and rural areas. He was critical about the linking of scientific research with industrial applications. He hoped that industry (technology) & scientific research would collaborate on a broader scale and help in improving quality of life of common man. He also described the utility of the newly emerging areas of photo voltaic cells, fuel cells, nano –technology.

Shri Ravi Pandit, talked on the IT application domains viz. mobility, transport, automotive industry. He spoke on how IT has helped to make mobility, transport, clean, safe, connected and affordable. He talked about the public awareness, government policies of IT in these areas. He said that in today scenario there is funding coming for various quarter for new ideas in IT space. He was happy that evolving ideas have a high level of maturity.  

The Panel discussions were indeed very lively and conducted effortlessly with energetic thoughtful interludes by anchor Dr. Nirgudkar.

The panel discussion was followed by unveiling of Foundation Plaque of the Innovation Hub at the auspicious hands of Dr. Anil Kakodkar Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission. It was historic occasion for our Centre. Other dignitaries’ on the dias were Shri Arun Firodia, Shri Anant Bhide, Prof. Pramod Kale, Dr. P.R. Dubhashi.

Prof. Kale spoke on Dr. P. R. Dubhashi delivered his presidential address.