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Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation on the 73rd Independence Day, has urged the youths of our nation to come up with indigenous toys and games reflecting Indian values. 

Inspired by Hon. Prime Minister’s challenge, Muktangan Exploratory together with its associates is organising a competition - Khel Khel Mein, aimed at harnessing the creative talents among the young minds to design Toys and Games based on Indian Values, Culture and Heritage. It is envisaged that the participants will not only conceive an idea of a Toy or a Game but also to realize these ideas innovatively. 

An entry can be based on one or multiple themes – i.e. combination of Indian Values, Culture or Heritage.


Students can participate in the competition as an Individual or in Teams. Participation is allowed in the following categories:

       1. Junior Category: 5th  to 10th Std. 

       2. Senior Category: 11th Std. up to Undergraduate level

All team members must be bonafide students as on 1.1.2021

A team comprising of participants from Junior and Senior age groups can also participate. However, in such cases the Standard/Grade of the eldest member of the team shall determine the classification of the teams in Junior or Senior categories.

Team Formation: 

A team can comprise of up to 5 members. There is no restriction that all the team members have to be from the same school or same class or same city for that matter. 

Any change in the Team composition is allowed only once – at the time of second stage submission.

Multiple Entries: 

There is no restriction on the number of entries a participant can be associated with. A participant can submit multiple entries – individually or in teams.    


To register for the Competition, the participant/s need to log in to kkm.exploratory.org.in Fill up the form mentioning individual members’ Name,  Standard, School & City. Participants will have to identify one of the team members as the Team Captain. 

Entry Fee: 

The entry fee for the competition is Rs 300/-. To be furnished at the time of initial registration.

Registrations start

10th November’20

Last date to submit Ideas

15th December’20

Last date to submit Concept Designs

15th February’21

Winners Announcement & Exhibition  

28th February’21

1. Explosive or inflammatory materials must not be used as part of the toy/game.

2. All users must provide a submission that the user has created him/herself. All users must provide personal information that is truthful and accurate.

3. The video submitted as part of the competition will be uploaded on the Submissions section of the webpage will be visible to all registered participants of the competition after the declaration of the result of the winner of the competition. By submitting a video, you have given your consent to the publishing of your video for promotional purposes. 

4. If you choose to use music in your game/project, you must ensure that you have legal permission to do so and it is not under copyright. KKM management will not be responsible for any copyright infringement. 

Khel Khel Mein organizing team’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into

Prizes worth Rs 2 Lakh are up for grabs

     Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd &  3rd winners 

          - in each category-  Toy/Game /Project , and 

          - in each classification – Junior and Senior

          - Experiantial Prizes - Free Internships to winners under mentorship of established professionals for prototyping their designs

         - e- Certificates to all the participants


Entries will be judged by experienced professionals from diverse fields on the basis of depiction of Indian Values, Culture & Heritage, Originality, Uniqueness and Innovativeness. 

Additionally, the following aspects shall also be considered while judging the entries:

Engagement, challenge / complexity, application of scientific concept, aesthetics, clarity of rules / instructions, working model, etc.


All valid entries submitted at the Design Stage (i.e. the 2nd stage) will be exhibited in an on-line exhibition on 28th February, 2021

Submission Stages

Idea Stage

In the Idea stage participants are required to submit their ideas (concepts) of the Toy or Game that they have conceived. The idea needs to be submitted elaborating the details like the theme of the idea, method of the implementation planned for the idea, the research done around the idea, a sketch, etc. Participants need to submit a one-page document elaborating the idea. Instructions to upload the one page document are available on the website
Last Date :15th December 2020

Concept Design

In this stage, the participants are required to submit a working model of the idea (the concept) that was initially submitted at the Idea Stage. Details of the model like material used, orthographic drawings, photos of the model, the rules of the game, software codes, etc. The participants will have to submit the design as per the format described on the website.

Entries submitted only in the prescribed format shall be considered for evaluation and exhibition
Last Date :15th February 2021

Submission Categories


A Toy is usually recognized as a small representation of something familiar, such as an animal or a person or a device to play with. A toy is generally played individually and has no specific rules to play. Typical examples would be a doll, spinning top, etc.

Entries related to Toys are expected to be suitable for age group 10 – 15 years


Game is a structured form of play with specific rules. Usually undertaken for entertainment or fun and often played by more than one player. Typical examples could be Board Games, Electronic Games, Software Games, etc.


A Project can be described as a series of activities or tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a specific outcome. A set of inputs and outputs required to achieve a particular goal.

Toy/Game/Projects Examples

*Organisers shall make efforts but don’t guarantee availability for sponsorship

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